Brescia Via Romiglia

  • Nursing home with 120 beds + Integrated Day Centre (IDC) with 20 beds

  • Total S.L.P.: 7,675 sqm

The project, planned and developed by Health Invest, involves the construction of a nursing home with 120 beds and a Day Centre with 20 beds. The new building will developed over four stories above ground.

On the ground floor will be the secure unit with 20 beds and with a private green space, general services such as the reception, central restaurant and gym, the administrative offices and changing rooms, as well as the Day Centre. The 1st and 2nd floors will be composed of two units of 20 beds each, while on the 3rd floor there will be an “Elite” unit, with 20 beds, where most rooms will have a large private terrace. Every floor will have a common space that will include the dining room and the living room for the purposes of relaxing and socializing. The rooms, which are mostly single, will be split as follows:

  • 17 beds in suites
  • 85 beds in single rooms
  • 18 beds in double rooms

Green space is a priority and indeed the Guests will have access to a large park where they will be able to rest and walk. Moreover, the facility has many terraces on each floor, positioned both near the living spaces as well as in many rooms.

All spaces dedicated to the Guests’ stays guarantee natural lighting with large windows facing outwards, which also provide adequate natural ventilation. The building is also equipped with the best technologies for energy saving and the necessary insulation to reduce energy consumption both in winter and in summer, thus guaranteeing high standards of internal comfort.

The area in which the building will be located is residential and well serviced by public transport. The area is close to the ATS district and the “Fondazione Poliambulanza” (Multi-ambulance Foundation).

At the same time, public works included in the project will be carried out to complete the Via Romiglia side (in front of the building). They will consist of the addition of pavements, the creation of new car parks, the completion of public lighting, and the collection of rainwater, as well as the planting of flowerbeds and greenery. A cycle path will also be added along the whole road with the planting of new trees.