Search, selection, and acquisition

Health Invest, specialized in social and health care facilities, looks for areas or properties that have the necessary requirements and characteristics that allow the construction of structures characterized by modern and advanced functional criteria and management efficiency, in full compliance with industry regulations.

In its search for properties or areas for its projects, Health Invest focuses on urban areas in major Northern Italian cities with at least 50,000 inhabitants such as Genoa, Como, Varese, Milan, Monza, Bergamo, Brescia, Verona, Vicenza, Padua, Venice, Parma, Modena, and Bologna. In addition, in other major cities such as Florence, Livorno, and Rome, as long as potential areas and buildings are located in central and interesting areas.

In fact, target areas are very important: not only is the number of RHCFs and Rehabilitation Clinics that are already operational in the neighbouring areas taken into account, but also location, which must be in almost central, residential areas, close to services, and well connected through the local transit system.

A recent study confirms all this, showing that when choosing a RHCF or a Rehabilitation Clinic, the most important aspects are: geographical location – meaning that it must be easy to get to; the presence of parking areas, means of transportation; the reputation of the facility and the warmth and attention of the staff; the availability of beds and the existence of a waiting list; health care compatibility (14%); and monthly cost (13%).

Development Phases

Before any operational activity, a technical inspection of the area or property is carried out to verify whether all necessary requirements for the establishment of a health and social structure are in place. Then, a preliminary feasibility study is prepared to analyze structural, architectural, regulatory, financial, commercial, operational, and urban aspects.  A business plan and a construction site worksheet are also drawn up regarding the possible costs to be incurred during the project, as well as timelines to have perfect control over management.

Once the possibility of building a Facility has been investigated and verified – by looking into the acquisition of the area or property and the completion of all the work that is needed to deliver a perfectly finished “turnkey” Facility – Health Invest assists its clients to express their interest in acquiring the area or property, by acting on their behalf through a mandate.

Once the expression of interest has been accepted by the counterparty, Health Invest helps and supports its clients throughout the preliminary Due Diligence process, negotiations, contract definition, and design with all parties involved, up to the acquisition of the target area or building, also providing consultancy services and helping clients find possible forms of financing to acquire and build the Facility.

Design and Construction

In addition to all zoning, architectural, structural and equipment-related aspects of design and construction, Health Invest and its professionals focus specifically on the study and thorough analysis of the layout and location of all services inside the Facility, to optimize them and maximize their efficiency, based on the indications provided by the Client and final Managing entity.

All the projects that are studied, designed and implemented by Health Invest for its clients comply with national and regional building codes and Client-specific standards; at the same time, thanks to its professionals, Health Invest keeps searching for innovative and pioneering technical, architectural, equipment and material solutions, to ensure maximum comfort and a welcoming environment to future guests, in addition to making Facilities increasingly modern, efficient and versatile.

Health Invest supports and follows its clients also in the architectural design phase, in handling procedural requirements with relevant Administrations to obtain Building Permits, drawing up executive plans, carrying out tendering procedures, construction site management and control, testing activities up to the delivery of the completed and finished building, whose compliance with mandatory safety standards is certified.

Health Invest offers two options to its clients:

  1. Developing, building and delivering the finished building at the end of construction, only fitted with basic fixed equipment (kitchens, laundry rooms, lavatories), letting Clients take care of the ensuing customization of the Facility, including all furnishings, equipment and accessories that the managing entity will use.
  2. Developing, building and delivering a “turnkey” building at the end of construction, that is fitted with all furnishings, equipment and accessories that the managing entity will use, that are studied, designed, assembled and implemented by professional interior design experts in the health and social care domain, and by partners.

Specialized Consultancy

Thanks to its solid knowledge of its specific reference sector, Health Invest provides a broad range of specialized consultancy and support services to its clients, through several qualified and highly-specialized professionals, with a long-standing experience in the health and social care industry.

Health Invest relies on teamwork, coordinating and involving experienced professionals from different backgrounds and with different skills including:

  • Real estate experts who look for and assess areas, land and/or buildings to be included in target projects for the construction of health and social care facilities, complying with well-established criteria.
  • Architects, Engineers, and Equipment Technicians who specialize in the study, development, and construction of Facilities as required by clients, including blueprints, technical documents, and preliminary feasibility drawings, and municipal projects to obtain Building Permits, as well as with executive projects and the drafting of all materials and documents for tendering and contract awarding, construction site management and control and testing activities, up to the delivery of the completed and finished building, whose compliance with mandatory safety standards is certified.
  • Interior Design experts and decorators who are specialized in the health and social care sector and take care of studying and designing the inner layout of the Facility, helping clients choose the materials and the arrangement of internal and external furniture, as well as all other furnishings, equipment, and devices that are necessary to run the Facility.
  • Management, corporate, and financial experts who focus on project development and verify operational, management, authorization, and economic feasibility, and assist clients in finding the necessary financing for project implementation.
  • Lawyers and notaries dedicated to all legal, contractual, legal, and notarial aspects related to the acquisition, development, and implementation of the target project.

Through its team of multidisciplinary experts, Health Invest provides its clients with comprehensive advice on all aspects of the various phases of research, study, development, and construction.

Funding Search

Health Invest is closely in touch with leading leasing Companies, banks and real estate funds with which it has established long-standing relationships, in order to find the most suitable and cost-effective investment solutions for its clients’ acquisitions. Once funding has been secured, our Company can also help its clients in managing and coordinating payouts in connection to project development and progress, following every aspect and ensuring communication between all players involved (designers, site managers, contractors) and lenders, including all necessary documentation for the success of the financial operation.

Based on the experience gained over time and the credibility acquired over the years with various financial institutions, Health Invest offers clients its expertise to help them find the most appropriate and cost-effective financing option to purchase land or property, and to build health and social care facilities.

Health Invest is committed to assisting its clients in making detailed project presentations, drawing up detailed business plans with regard to the real estate transaction in all its phases (acquisition, design, construction, or transformation of the property). This includes subsequent Facility management, project development and construction work schedules, and cash flow forecasts that initially refer to the acquisition, design, and construction phases – including construction site development – and later the opening, launch, and full operation of the target Facility.


The multi-professional team at Health Invest provides support, advice, and professional technical assistance in: i) Searching for target companies and/or facilities for acquisitions and/or disposals; ii) Providing assistance and managing all negotiation phases such as the preparation of confidentiality agreements, Manifestations of Interest (MOU) and/or letters of intent (LOI); iii) Planning and organizing the M&A transaction process; iv) Performing Due Diligence; v) Negotiating with the counterparties until agreements are signed; vi) Managing transaction closing and post-closing.

Moreover, thanks to its long-term business knowledge, and its experts’ coordinated action, the search for target properties, Due Diligence, and negotiation activities carried out by Health Invest allows for more focused and coordinated collection, verification, and analysis of information and documents about the building or property, thus being able to better analyse and evaluate each acquisition or merger to the client’s benefit.