Professionals in Real Estate Development in the Health Care Sector
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Health Invest is a Company specializing in consultancy, research, development, design and construction of health and social care facilities, including all related specialized professional and technical assistance and consultancy activities.

Through accurate project research, selection, and analysis, Health Invest handles all technical and professional details, ranging from research, analysis, study, development, and construction to more purely technical, architectural, and commercial aspects. Everything is aimed at building modern facilities to be used as Residential Health Care facilities (RHCFs) and/or Rehabilitation Clinics that are efficient, functional, cutting-edge, and comply with existing laws and regulations. In addition to building new facilities, Health Invest is also involved in renovating, reorganizing and revamping existing buildings, provided they are suitable to be appropriately transformed and renovated.

Furthermore, Health Invest provides specialized technical and professional consultancy services to clients who need to obtain all necessary licenses, permits and authorizations to provide health and social care services in dedicated Facilities.

Thanks to its specialized professionals, Health Invest, both in its own name and on behalf of third parties, is actively engaged in M&A transactions for the acquisition, sale, and merger of companies, business units, or Facilities operating in the health and social care domain.

Our population’s progressive aging, current demographic trends, and chronic diseases are making the LTC (Long Term Care) sector very dynamic, thus providing interesting investment and development opportunities.

As a matter of fact, it is estimated that over the next few years Italy will need between 60,000 and 80,000 new beds in RHCFs, due to a significant aging of the local population, among the oldest in the world, and considering the widespread lack of modern and efficient RHCFs, that are in line with modern standards of care.

Thanks to the long experience of its team of professionals and specialists, who work in new project research and development, Health Invest studies and implements specific structural solutions to create welcoming, innovative, and stylish facilities that meet the specific needs of future guests/patients.

In addition to building new “green field” facilities, Health Invest also renovates existing properties that are suitable to be turned into temporary or long-term residential health care facilities.