From design to construction

Architectural and spatial design, the size of private and common spaces, and ensuring privacy are very important goals when building RHCFs or Clinics, because they must accommodate people who are not perfectly able and suffer from physical and mental problems that sometimes can be quite relevant.

Facilities developed and built by Health Invest usually accommodate 100-120 beds, subdivided in different consistent units: each unit might include single rooms or both single and double rooms. Each room has its own private bathroom and is designed to include all amenities with high-end and comfortable furnishings.

A new way of living

Every facility includes roomy and elegant spaces and dining halls to accommodate guests and promote socialization. All facilities have multipurpose halls that can be used for religious services and a suitable number of gyms, depending on the size and kind of facility.

Facilities are usually equipped with large windows and, in both public (living rooms, dining halls, gyms) and private areas (bedrooms), windows with outside views are key to improving guests’ physical and mental well-being and provide adequate natural ventilation.

Security and modernity

Terraces, gardens and recreational green areas are also included, where guests can enjoy the nice weather. Each facility has a large outside parking area, that is completely enclosed by a fence with different entry points for the general public, emergency and commercial vehicles.

All outdoor and indoor spaces are barrier-free to facilitate accessibility.

Residential facilities and clinics are built according to the latest construction techniques and are rated at a high energy class to respect the environment.

Facilities are designed and built with the latest technological devices in the field of home automation to promote people’s well-being.

Residential Health Care Facilities (RHCFs)

Residential Health Care Facilities (RHCFs) are public or private residential institutions that host partially and totally dependent elderly people who can no longer live in their homes because of their poor health and autonomy.

According to national regulations, NHCFs must provide guests with:

  • Residential accommodations that feel like home as much as possible, organized in such a way as to respect individuals’ need for privacy and confidentiality, while at the same time stimulating socialization among guests.
  • All medical, nursing, and rehabilitation services that are necessary to prevent and treat chronic diseases and their possible exacerbation.
  • Customized assistance aimed at protecting and improving levels of autonomy, maintaining personal interests, and promoting well-being.

The Day Care Centers

In some regions, such as Lombardy, the presence of an Integrated Day Care Centre (IDCC) within RHCFs is mandatory. IDCCs are semi-residential facilities for people over 60 and are partially or totally non-self-sufficient, people with chronic degenerative diseases, including dementia and Alzheimer’s, and/or disabling conditions, people who live with their families for which home care is insufficient or too difficult, and lonely people at risk of exclusion.

IDCCs are a valid resource to help elderly people live with their families, preserve their residual capacities, contain their behavioural problems, support families and lighten the burden of care, and facilitate socialization.

Rehabilitation Clinics

Functional Rehabilitation Clinics take care of patients who need rehabilitation after surgical or post-acute events in order to achieve the best possible standard of living on a physical, functional, social, and emotional level with the least possible restrictions.

Instead, Neuropsychiatric Rehabilitation Clinics are protected facilities dedicated to people suffering from psychological and emotional disorders.

Like RHCFs, Functional Rehabilitation and Neuropsychiatric Clinics are facilities that provide guests with 24/7 medical and health care and a full hotel service.

Senior Housing

Health Invest supports its clients in all construction phases of Senior Housing facilities: modern apartment complexes with small units that are specifically designed for autonomous and semi-autonomous people over 65. Senior Housing facilities are built in pleasant residential urban areas, close to all necessary services (stores, post office, church, parks, public transit system).

The one- or two-bedroom units are equipped with a living room with kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom. Inside the apartment complex, roomy common spaces promote socialization: common living rooms and multipurpose room, dining hall, gym and laundry room. All units are tastefully furnished and include all amenities and a high level of security thanks to the presence of medical and care staff, and cutting-edge technology to monitor and assist guests.

In addition to a range of hotel services, the monthly fee also includes some health care services, if needed.

Usually, Senior Housing facilities offer:

  • High-level residential and hotel services
  • Nursing services
  • Care services
  • Physical therapy
  • High security and privacy

Health Invest assists its clients in all phases of construction of Senior Housing facilities that are designed, built, and equipped to ensure maximum comfort, privacy protection, but also socialization opportunities, and the maintenance of family relationships.

Walk-in Clinics

Health Invest designs walk-in clinics with state-of the-art medical and health care technologies, that are compliant with existing regulations. Walk-in clinics are a reference point for local citizens and provide complete diagnostic, analysis and care services. Different specialists work together in walk-in clinics, using leading edge equipment for specialist and diagnostic visits, to provide complete and quality services. Hence, fast access to care is ensured, to provide patients with timely diagnoses and care.

In main Italian cities, Health Invest builds Walk-in Clinics that include Diagnostic, X-Ray and Analytical lab Departments, Physical therapy, Cardiology, Ultrasound and Dentistry clinics, just to name a few.

Sustainable development

Health Invest works responsibly and conscientiously in the development of its projects: respect for the environment and of the urban context where we built facilities are the basis of our way of working, where achieving harmony between buildings and the environment is key.

Every decision, from the smallest to the largest, is inspired to ethical awareness.